About Us

Willing Hardware Manufacturing company, located in Foshan, a significant economic region in China, was established in 2010.  Willing is a hardware enterprise specialized in developing, producing and selling Door Handle,Shower door hardware; Railing and Handrail hardware, and related accessories, exporting to more than 20 countries and regions. Products supplied by Willing are of high quality, and have a complete range of specification. Various styles are available as well, simple and charming. With great capital strength, Willing is able to bring in advanced equipments,  employ professional technicians.
Apart from providing high quality construction hardware products, Willing also develops its own culture to improve competitive power and to establish a good social reputation. 
Consistently we adhere to the principle “Quality and Customer Come First”. Based on this principle. your choosing Willing shows your confidence in us, and your satisfaction will be our best support.
Main product or service: Stainless Steel Entry Pull handle ; Trimber door handle; Glass handle ; Shower door Hinge; Glass door accessories; Patch fitting; Glass lock;  stainless steel column; steel column; plug; the handrail handrails on the closing piece; wall; 90 ° handrail elbow connector; activity; pipe connections; a handrail bracket; clips; formal side with a bottom wall; on the armrest fixing pieces; glass; joint handrails common parts.
Main Market: America, Canada,  Poland, Finland. India, Russia, Angola, Spain, Ghana, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and so on.  Trinidad, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, 
As Willing consistently adhered to "quality first, customer first" principle, stable product quality, delivery on time and according to quality, service for customers to put one's heart and soul into, let customer satisfaction.
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